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Swelling in the pelvis

unilocular cyst2There is a been a great deal of publicity about symptoms that may be associated with ovarian cancer. Persistent abdominal  bloating, feeling full very soon after eating, and pelvic discomfort have all been discussed as possible indications that something is wrong. In most cases someone with these symptoms will not have a major problem, they may have “irritable bowel” disease or indeed nothing significant at all. Sometimes a woman will become aware that there is a lump in the pelvis, but it may be only when a doctor examines or arranges an ultrasound that a swelling is identified.

It is very straight forward to investigate whether any or these symptoms are a sign of anything significant. Any serious ovarian problem should be readily seen with an ultrasound scan. There are also features of ovarian cysts that enable us to tell what kind of cyst it is. It is this classification of an ovarian cyst that requires real expertise by the person carrying out the scan and will determine exactly what treatment is required and by whom it should be carried out.

Our Service
We have developed this service with Mr Angus McIndoe (Gynaecological Oncologist) and Mr Roberto Dina (Pathologist) to facilitate the rapid diagnosis of a variety of common gynaecological problems. We aim to get the results back to you within 48 hours.

The Rapid Diagnostic Service can clarify quickly why you have abnormal symptoms or test results. To make your investigation as convenient as possible, we can organise a number of tests on the same day. The tests that are chosen depend upon your particular symptoms and will vary from woman to woman.