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Ultrasound of the Pelvis

Ultrasound is particularly useful for examining the ovaries and the uterus. The transducer, the part of the machine that sends and receives the ultrasound, can be placed either on the abdomen or in the vagina. Because the ovaries and uterus are near the top of the vagina the internal transducer will often give a more accurate examination.

Our Service
We have developed this service with Mr Angus McIndoe (Gynaecological Oncologist)and Mr Roberto Dina (Pathologist) to facilitate the rapid diagnosis of a variety of common gynaecological problems. We aim to get the results back to you within 48 hours.

The Rapid Diagnostic Service can clarify quickly why you have abnormal symptoms or test results. To make your investigation as convenient as possible, we can organise a number of tests on the same day. The tests that are chosen depend upon your particular symptoms and will vary from woman to woman.