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Gynaecology – Our Service

Professor Tom Bourne leads the gynaecology service provided at the Women’s Ultrasound Centre.He has a national and international reputation in the field of gynaecological ultrasonography and early pregnancy care.  The clinic at Harley Street runs during normal office hours. However there are evening clinics at Parkside Hospital most days of the week. Whilst we principally provide a scanning service we are happy to see patients for consultation and arrange whatever follow up that may be necessary including surgery if required.

What does a gynaecological scan involve?
Initially you will be asked to give a brief outline of your problem, the day of your last period (if relevant) and whether you have had any significant gynaecological or other medical problems in the past.

Most scans are performed vaginally – in other words it is an internal examination. If a vaginal scan is inappropriate or not possible then a scan can be carried out abdominally. An abdominal scan requires a full bladder and we generally advise that you drink 1 to 2 litres of fluid about 90 minutes before the scan. The images obtained by the transabdominal scan are not generally as good as those from an internal scan, so we prefer to carry out an internal scan if possible. In many cases if other tests such as a cervical smear are required they can be performed as part of the same examination.

If you have any doubts about the scan that is suitable, please call the Women’s Ultrasound Centre to discuss things further. You can also find further information in our Frequently Asked Questions.

All our scans and images are archived onto a reporting database. In general a report is posted and emailed back to the referring doctor immediately after the scan. The report will contain a report of the scan and any other investigations carried out as well as prints of the images taken at the time of any scan. We are also happy to provide a copy of the report and any relevant images to the patient.