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Fetal Growth Scan and Assessment

Fetal Growth Scan and Assessment 22 – 42 weeks – Our Service

This scan is performed to assess the growth and well being of the baby.

What’s involved in a Fetal Growth Scan
The scan is performed by placing an ultrasound transducer on your abdomen and takes around 20 minutes. Your bladder does not need to be full but it is advisable to drink normally & not empty your bladder 30 minutes prior to the scan.

During the scan we take look at a number of areas:

  • Measuring the baby’s head, abdomen and thigh bone
  • Assessing the amount of amniotic fluid around the baby
  • Observing the baby’s activity
  • Measuring the blood flow in the umbilical cord using Doppler ultrasound
  • Recording the position of the placenta

If we are concerned regarding the findings of this scan, you will have the opportunity to discuss these and their implications with one of our fetal medicine consultants.