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Cardiac Scans

This scan can be performed from 18 weeks. A consultant fetal echo cardiographer will examine the heart and the connecting vessels in detail. This is normally recommended for those women who have a family history of cardiac abnormality or where the measurement of nuchal translucency has been increased at 12 weeks.

What does the procedure involve?
The scan is performed by placing an ultrasound transducer on you abdomen and takes around 30 minutes.

What can I do prior to the scan?
Your bladder does not need to be full but it is advisable to drink normally & not empty your bladder 30 minutes prior to the scan.

Results of the Scan
After the scan you will be fully counselled about the results and their implications. If an abnormality is detected we can arrange follow up scans and a referral to an appropriate clinician. A written report of the scan will be sent to your referring doctor the same day.